I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Kelly Keiser on two projects – my Russian Hill flat and my Pacific Heights office. Kelly’s design aesthetic is brilliant. She coordinated and brought together new pieces to complement the existing furniture we had shipped from England. It was no easy task but she pulled it off with grace and confidence. Kelly created a beautiful space for us with high quality pieces on time and on budget. I love her sense of style. Kelly is also very fun to work with because she exudes positivity in the middle of a project and keeps the flow going. More importantly, she has a sense of humor. My new office looks stunning and everyone who comes in loves it. I could not have made the transition to this office without Kelly. I expect we will work together on another project in the future. I give Kelly Keiser my highest recommendation. She is an amazing designer.

- Lindsay Durgan


Kelly was able to produce a beautiful business esthetic with very little direction. She is a joy to work with, knowledgeable and has a wonderful eye for both function and beauty. 

- Amy Hunter


Fabulous sense of style!

- Margot K


"Loved it Kelly demonstrated style and creativity in her suggestions and selections----and the ability to listen to a demanding client. That was seven years ago and I would think with her subsequent experience and learning she should rank among the interior design pantheons in SF. J william Grimes"

- Bill G


My wife and I loved working with Kelly Keiser Interior Design & Decoration. She was a valuable resource for us during our renovation, and then afterward when we furnished our house. We're very pleased with the results and we would recommend her to anyone that needs design and decoration help.

- Tthorntonsf


We're having the pleasure to work with Kelly on one of her interior design projects right now. What we love most with Kelly is her ability to understand and express what her client is looking for. She can easily spot five pieces from the hundred artworks on display at Lost Art Salon and sure enough the colors, subjects and the story created mix in total harmony. It helps that Kelly has a great knowledge of art in general and a flair for beauty.

- Lost Art Salon


"Kelly is fantastic! We live in a 3 bedroom/2 bath and we were looking for some help. Kelly came in and walked through every room (including our outside space) and gave us fantastic ideas on new accessories, positioning of furniture, placement of art, addition of bar cart and more. We have already implemented her ideas and our friends and family are raving about the new additions. Kelly just freshened the place up. I wish I had a bigger project for her but alas, we just rent not own, so we're just grateful for her truly unbelievable eye. Her ideas and suggestions have made me fall in love with my home again! I am definitely referring KK to friends and family."

- Tiffany M


I have worked with Kelly on three projects in the last ten years. She is delightful, professional, and most importantly (to me) she is responsive and has a deep respect for her client's time and timeframe. She knows I love to play designer but that I don't have quite the professional eye or free time to do a great job and so I found her to be a really great teammate - someone who works really hard to get inside the client's head and heart and deliver what they'll love. And to that point, she does prioritize function in your space so you don't just get a beautiful result, but a live able one. Love Kelly!

- Malden